7 августа, 2020

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  • Anyone Else Forgetting to Be Freaked Out about Lyme Disease?
    by Susan Harris on 7 августа, 2020

    Back in May of 2018 I ranted about the “New Look for Gardeners Freaked out about Lyme Disease” using this image of a hazmat suit for yucks to illustrate the get-up I was using to prevent tick bites and potentially Lyme Disease. Not so funny now that we’re accustomed to seeing people outfitted like this: The post Anyone Else Forgetting to Be Freaked Out about Lyme Disease? […]

  • Trending on Remodelista: Midsummer Color
    by Gardenista Team on 7 августа, 2020

    At summer’s height, we’re relishing a reprieve from staid neutrals and finding ourselves drawn towards glimpses of color and brightness. Turns out the Remodelista editors are, too. Take a look: Plus: Enter to Win a $1000 Shopping Spree from Hay! DIY Display-Worthy Racks: 3 Minimalist Designs for Drying Herbs, Dishes, and Laundry Danish Light: 8

  • Water World: A Natural Swimming Pool, Lily Pads Included
    by Michelle Slatalla on 7 августа, 2020

    Near Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire in the United Kingdom is a natural swimming pool that looks like an idyllic pond and has an aquatic garden to keep the water clean—no chlorine needed. The chemical-free pool, designed by Sarah Murch of Ensata and built in partnership with Austria-based Biotop natural pool specialists, has a regeneration zone where waterlilies and other […]

  • DIY: Bug Repellent Balm
    by Alexa Hotz on 6 августа, 2020

    I have a very serious vendetta against mosquitos and a few select summer insects, so I’ve decided to embalm myself in a force field of rosemary, catnip, lavender, and lemon; I suggest you do the same. We spotted a recipe for bug repelling defense on Unplugged Sunday, and decided to give it a try. Armed with

  • Looking for Something More Positive
    by Marianne Willburn on 6 августа, 2020

    Lovettsville, VA Dear Scott, Rain. Glorious rain! The exclamation point is, I assure you, fully justified. After three and a half weeks without the stuff and without piped water to my sunniest gardens, I had reached a point of exhaustion and had begun the process of separation. I know you are familiar with this gardener’s The post Looking for Something More Positive appeared first on […]

  • A DIY Boardwalk at an Off-the-Grid Cabin (That Only Took One Afternoon)
    by Annie Quigley on 5 августа, 2020

    Lately I’ve been hankering for a woodsy, off-the-grid, no-screens-allowed place to escape to—no text messages, no email, no Netflix, just a paperback and someplace to float. Which has me revisiting the cabin in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region that Alice Saunders and Greg Ralich found on Craigslist and fixed up, DIY style (and which we featured

  • Gardening 101: Western Sword Ferns
    by Kier Holmes on 4 августа, 2020

    Western Sword Fern, Polystichum munitum Western sword fern is the sort of classic fern you are most likely to spot on a shady wooded trail, showing off its root muscles as it clings to rocky slopes or displaying its pack mentality as it nestles in a plant posse under stately redwoods. But keep in mind

  • Reflections on “Windcliff”
    by Thomas Christopher on 3 августа, 2020

    I don’t remember how old I was when my father helped me start a stamp collection.  Maybe six?  My father was a foreign news editor for Newsweek magazine and as such, he received lots of letters and packages from abroad.  He would save the stamps from this correspondence and bring them home to me and The post Reflections on “Windcliff” appeared first on GardenRant.

  • 10 Things Nobody Tells You About Compost
    by Michelle Slatalla on 3 августа, 2020

    Does composting have a dark side? Let’s just say I’ve made a few mistakes. There was the time, for instance, when my husband and I decided to mix the materials in the compost bin to speed up the process. I held the lid open as he jammed in a pitchfork. Imagine our surprise as a

  • Trending on Remodelista: New Classics, Furniture Edition
    by Gardenista Team on 31 июля, 2020

    Remodelista shared some great new resources for beautifully made furniture that will last a lifetime. Here’s a sampling: Plus: Kitchen of the Week: An Expensive-Looking Remodel for Just $13,000 Made in Massachusetts: The Merida Collection of Modern Natural Fiber Rugs Designed by Sylvie Johnson Modern Love: A Contemporary House Updated with Antiques 5 Quick Fixes:

  • Even Garden Writers who Hate Trump are Defending the Rose Garden Upgrade
    by Susan Harris on 31 июля, 2020

    The announcement from the office of Melania Trump that the Rose Garden is getting an upgrade next month came at the worst possible time. It also came from one of the worst possible sources – a First Lady whose design tastes, whether it’s gilded apartments or Handmaid’s Tale-style Christmas trees – have come in for The post Even Garden Writers who Hate Trump are Defending […]

  • After the Hurricane: The Resurrection of a Wild Garden in Maine
    by Michelle Slatalla on 31 июля, 2020

    Built on Maine’s Mount Desert Island in 1916, three years before Acadia was established as the oldest national park east of the Mississippi, a privately owned Swiss-style chalet and its teahouse sat peacefully inside the park’s boundary for nine decades. Then came the hurricane. In 2008, Hurricane Hanna roared up the East Coast, leaving a

  • Gardening 101: Hardy Begonia
    by Jeanne Rostaing on 30 июля, 2020

    Hardy Begonia, Begonia grandis: “Sun Shunner” A hardy begonia that could survive northeast winters is something I never dreamed existed until a few years ago when, wanting a crash course in gardening techniques, I offered myself to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden as a three-day-a-week volunteer.  I weeded, pruned, raked, and hauled mountains of trash out of

  • Frank gets his landscape back—and then some
    by Elizabeth Licata on 29 июля, 2020

    As the gardening team at Buffalo’s Darwin Martin House—really a campus with seven structures on it—enters its second year of planting and maintaining the original landscape Frank Lloyd Wright planned with the Martins, some areas look like they’ve been established for years. Others—including the distinctive Floricycle (above), a sweeping semicircle of plants that […]

  • Private Property: 13 Inspired Garage Conversions
    by Fan Winston on 29 июля, 2020

    I’ve been noticing quite a few garage renovations on my daily get-me-away-from-my-kids-before-I-implode walks. Makes sense. As remote learning and working continue to be the norm for many families, homeowners are increasingly desperate to carve out more private space. An unused garage, with the help of a contractor and architect, can become a stand-alone yoga room,

  • Hardscaping 101: Brick Patios
    by Ellen Jenkins on 28 июля, 2020

    We learned this young: When the third little pig chose brick, he knew what he was doing. As a building material, brick has stood the test of time. It’s hardworking, aesthetically versatile, easily maintained, and affordable. Although it’s sometimes considered a formal look for a patio, that depends on the type of bricks, the color,

  • Gardening 101: How to Prune Roses
    by Michelle Slatalla on 27 июля, 2020

    Mrs. Hart was my next-door neighbor on Long Island. She was what we called “an original owner,” having moved into her brand-new house in a brand-new subdivision in the post-war exuberance of the 1940s. In the ensuing decades, she’d raised a son, outlived a husband, and cultivated magnificent rose bushes. Big, round powder puffs of

  • Приглашаем на вебинар «Альтернативы традиционному газону», 21 августа 2020 г
    by editor on 26 июля, 2020

    Лука Агостини начал свой личный путь как фермер. 25 лет назад, вместе […]

  • Summer Lilies and, Yes - Time to Think About Ordering Bulbs
    by Matt Mattus on 25 июля, 2020

    'Bell Tower' is an appropraite name for this 'Downward Facing" Orienpet lily. This young bulb will grow into a giant in just a few more years, towering over 6 feet tall. The large flowers are very pendant, hanging nearly vertically down.While I've always appreciated lilies in the garden for much of my 45+ years of gardening life, I only recently -in the past 10 years or so,, began seriously […]

  • Trending on Remodelista: Storage Ideas for Every Room in the House
    by Gardenista Team on 24 июля, 2020

    If your home is anything like ours, it’s being used and abused far more than pre-pandemic times. Time to make like it’s January and declutter and organize once more. May these storage ideas from Remodelista inspire your mission: In the Bedroom In the Entry In the Mudroom In the Bathroom In the Kitchen Plus: A

  • 10 Ideas to Steal from Baja California Gardens
    by Cara Greenberg on 24 июля, 2020

    Of the two things plants need most—sun and water—Baja California, the narrow Mexican peninsula stretching 760 miles south from California’s southern border, has no shortage of the first. Water is another matter. The past couple of decades have been exceptionally dry, and both home gardeners and pros must be resourceful in creating and maintaining water-wise

  • Color Update with Paint, Plants and Wall Art
    by Susan Harris on 23 июля, 2020

    Thank you all for your many color suggestions for my front garden, in comments to this post. I love those colors, too! But I had to choose, and for an accent color against the house, including parts of the house itself, it had to be a color approved by my coop. Luckily there IS one The post Color Update with Paint, Plants and Wall Art appeared first on GardenRant.

  • Gardening 101: Corydalis
    by Kendra Wilson on 23 июля, 2020

    Corydalis, Corydalis: “Bird in a Bush” Shaped like the head of a crested lark (according to the ancient Greeks), corydalis flowers have a flitting, temporary look. They come and go all summer but the evergreen, filigree foliage is an indication of the plant’s permanence: once it chooses your piece of wall, gravel or shady patch,

  • Are You a Chlorophyll Clod?
    by Allen Bush on 22 июля, 2020

      It’s hard to stay on top of runaway name-calling. Most of the tried and true insults now look like tread-bare bald tires, but a new slur my wife Rose has recently used got under my skin. “Don’t be a clod.” It uncovers a weakness of mine. I love the world of plants; I’ve got The post Are You a Chlorophyll Clod? appeared first on GardenRant.

  • High/Low: Wire Chair by Russell Woodard
    by Michelle Slatalla on 22 июля, 2020

    For years designer Russell Woodard’s midcentury mesh wire chairs were out of production, the province of in-the-know collectors who would pick them up at yard sales and vintage shops. (An original chair, dated 1956, is in the Cooper-Hewitt museum’s permanent collection.) In 2015, Woodard Furniture reintroduced the Sculptura collection (now available at Design Within Reach). Since

  • An annual enabler
    by Elizabeth Licata on 21 июля, 2020

    There remains a certain snobbishness about annuals, partly because some perceive them as “common,” and partly because they’re, well, annual. (Many of us have seen the famous Plant Delights/Tony Avent T-shirt that says, “Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy Annuals.”) I always have a lot of annuals in pots and routinely I am asked during garden The post An annual […]

  • A Garden Grows in Quarantine: ‘Cultivated Wildness’ in a Landscape Architect Couple’s Napa Home
    by Fan Winston on 21 июля, 2020

    Like many city dwellers with second homes, Roderick Wyllie and James Lord decamped for theirs, in Napa Valley, when the first “shelter in place” orders hit the Bay Area. The two are partners in life and at Surfacedesign, an award-winning multidisciplinary landscape architecture firm in San Francisco, and they figured it would be easier to

  • Palette & Paints: 8 Colorful Exterior Stains
    by Meredith Swinehart on 20 июля, 2020

    We’ve already polled the members of the Gardenista Architect/Designer Directory to find the best in Exterior Paint colors to help you make one of the toughest household design decisions when the time comes. Today, we scratch the surface of exterior stains for shingled facades, clapboard, and fences. Here are eight of our favorites: Swatch photographs

  • Trending on Remodelista: Dining Al Fresco, 3 Ways
    by Gardenista Team on 17 июля, 2020

    You won’t mind the mosquito bites when the outdoor dining setup is this good. Here are three ideas from Remodelista: Plus: Artist in Residence: A Collage Artist’s Soulful Bungalow in Augusta, Georgia Just-Right Beds: Three Modern Heirloom Designs by Pinch of London 10 Easy Pieces: Shoe Storage Cabinets Steal This Look: Tools for an Organized

  • Quick, Year-Round Color in the Garden – with Paint!
    by Susan Harris on 17 июля, 2020

    Taking me away from the horrors of my newsfeed this week has been transforming the look of my Greenbelt, Maryland rowhouse from its dull, 35-year-old grey vinyl to the fully restored International Style of its origins in the New Deal. During my 8 years living in here, I felt resigned to the siding until I The post Quick, Year-Round Color in the Garden – with Paint! appeared first on […]

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