6 мая, 2021

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  • Building Habitat Nests – For Wildlife and For Me
    by Marianne Willburn on 6 мая, 2021

    Over the last two winters, I’ve been engaged in a curious pursuit which has baffled some visitors but thrilled others – precisely the way I love to garden.  I’m building habitat nests – and it’s one of the most satisfying and artistically fulfilling projects I’ve worked on in some time. The newest nest (still [...] The post Building Habitat Nests – For Wildlife and For Me appeared […]

  • Garden Visit: ‘Nuance and Unplanned Fun’ in a Landscape Architect’s Echo Park Garden
    by Fan Winston on 6 мая, 2021

    Last year, garden writer Jennifer Jewell published the wonderful The Earth in Her Hands: 75 Extraordinary Women Working in the World of Plants. A little over a year later, she’s come out with an extraordinary new book: Under Western Skies: Visionary Gardens from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Coast (in bookstores May 11). Featuring

  • Exploring Yellow Island
    by Dan Hinkley on 5 мая, 2021

    Yellow Island I am, floristically speaking, a sybarite.  Though I will attempt to enjoy the occasional long weekend at an Oberoi or Four Seasons, especially so as the guest of a wealthy friend, and will suffer through multi-course meals that are as unsettling to my wallet as the mucosa of my digestive tract, [...] The post Exploring Yellow Island appeared first on GardenRant.

  • Container Gardening: Sarah Raven’s 7 Tips for Perfect Flower Pots
    by Clare Coulson on 5 мая, 2021

    Perfecting the art of container gardening is no mean feat but Sarah Raven, the Sussex-based author, grower, cook, and lifestyle guru, has built a business on her skill in combining plants. She also has an idiosyncratic brilliance for color, as recently illustrated by her Color Cutting Garden at last year’s Chelsea Flower Show. At her

  • I like thug plants and I cannot lie
    by Elizabeth Licata on 4 мая, 2021

    When I saw this quote/paraphrase from Sir Mixalot's 1992 hit in my local gardening group, I thought, “Finally. Somebody gets me.” My gardening life is punctuated by love/hate relationships with plants that have to be cut back and selectively pulled out on a regular basis. Trumpet vine, wisteria, anemone canadensis, sweet woodruff, lily of the [...] The post I like thug plants and I cannot lie […]

  • Rethinking Jasmine: The Perfect Vase for a Fragrant Flowering Vine
    by Chelsea Fuss on 4 мая, 2021

    You might be surprised to know that jasmine holds up quite well in a vase as long as you follow a few conditioning procedures. Where I live in Portugal, it continues to bloom in the depth of summer, which gave me the idea to bring a bit of fragrance and romance indoors with jasmine-only bouquets. Read on

  • Shared-space plantings don’t have to be boring
    by GardenRant Guest on 3 мая, 2021

    A guest rant by Kelly Baldry Our towns and cities are made up of thousands of individuals, many of whom will never pay to visit a garden, and perhaps have no garden to call their own.    The reality of everyday life is somewhat different to the designed spaces of historic buildings, legacy plantings around [...] The post Shared-space plantings don’t have to be boring appeared first on […]

  • Before & After: From “Fishbowl” Townhouse Garden to Private Oasis, in Manhattan
    by Michelle Slatalla on 3 мая, 2021

    The word “fishbowl” came to mind the first time designer Julie Farris of XS Space visited a client’s townhouse backyard in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. “Visible off to the right was the back of a full-on apartment building—with window, window, window looking out toward this garden,” she says. “The client definitely wanted some more privacy.” The solution? An airy

  • In White House Garden News, it’s Dandeliongate!
    by Susan Harris on 2 мая, 2021

    I'm blaming Twitter. My feed of pundits and reporters pointed me to this clip on Newsmax, a channel I've never dared look at. It shows a host mocking Joe Biden for picking a dandelion and giving it to his wife. Oh wait, "bizarrely" giving her the dandelion. So worthy of being mocked as a phony [...] The post In White House Garden News, it’s Dandeliongate! appeared first on GardenRant.

  • Trending on Remodelista: What Color Personality Are You?
    by Gardenista Team on 30 апреля, 2021

    Spring is a time for fresh ideas. Always thought of yourself as a neutrals person? Now may the time to shake things up and try more color. Never met a hue you didn’t like? Consider paring your palette to just a few shades. Every color story has its appeal. Below, some color inspiration from Remodelista

  • Katie Couric and Drew Barrymore make money off gardening products. As gardening experts do.
    by Susan Harris on 30 апреля, 2021

    Drew Barrymore Sells Lawn Care    Suddenly my social media feeds are showing me videos of Drew Barrymore ecstatically hugging bags of grass seed and telling us to Lawn Differently with "Choose Instead,"  Bag-hugging aside, I'm totally open to celebrities being hired to sell products if they're good ones and the message to consumers is [...] The post Katie Couric and Drew Barrymore make money […]

  • Ask The Expert: Sarah Raven’s 10 Tips for a Kitchen Garden
    by Kendra Wilson on 30 апреля, 2021

    British gardening and cookery writer Sarah Raven is fortunate in being scientific as well as artistic. She is also a busy person who likes to eat so her kitchen garden is organized in a way that gives maximum output while avoiding the look of a messy market garden. Quite the opposite. She shares her logical

  • Now Coveting: Purposefully Made Goods for the Garden from Goodee
    by Gardenista Team on 29 апреля, 2021

    This just in: Goodee—a Black-owned business, certified B-Corp, and our go-to source for eco-minded, ethically made, cheerful wares for the home—is venturing out of doors with a new collection of purposefully made goods for the garden. The online marketplace, founded by twin brothers Dexter and Byron Peart, is committed to environmental and social change, fair trade,

  • Gardening 101: Pink Breath of Heaven
    by Kier Holmes on 29 апреля, 2021

    Pink Breath of Heaven, Coleonema pulchellum Fragrance is such an important component in gardening. Not only does scent perfume the air and lure pollinators but it can conjure nostalgic memories. Honestly, when I see a lovely flower my instinct is to get my nose right in there and sniff. Luckily, fragrance isn’t limited to just

  • Garden Visit: A Modern CA Garden Inspired by the Classics
    by Michelle Slatalla on 28 апреля, 2021

    The ancient Greeks loved symmetry for a good reason. As do Ken and Jean Victor Linsteadt–for the same reason. By adding stone walls and a staircase to bisect and subdivide their sloped backyard into a series of mirror-image garden beds, the Mill Valley, CA couple have created a calming sense of balance. Both the house and the

  • Relax, it’s just weather
    by Elizabeth Licata on 27 апреля, 2021

    Where would we be if we couldn’t complain incessantly about the weather? Such whining is harmless, as it has zero effect, and it’s fun. I do it all the time. I love the four seasons, but I don’t like being cold. I was taken aback recently, however, by the major weather-related freakouts that occurred when [...] The post Relax, it’s just weather appeared first on GardenRant.

  • 6 Cost-Saving, Earth-Friendly Swaps When Designing a Garden
    by Kier Holmes on 27 апреля, 2021

    So many gardeners these days are looking for ways to be more eco-friendly, but they are also searching for creative ways to save money.  The reality is that the choices we make in our gardens affect the environment, all living creatures, and our bank account. Fortunately though, certain pricey materials and high-end design choices can

  • Huge Rift at American Hort Society over Sale of River Farm
    by Susan Harris on 26 апреля, 2021

    I reported here last October that the American Horticultural Society had decided to sell its historic River Farm headquarters, and mentioned some blowback from the community. Well! Since then the blowback has turned into a tsunami of opposition, including from local legislators, and now half of the AHS board itself!  Yes, despite being told not [...] The post Huge Rift at American Hort Society […]

  • Outdoor Living: The Chef-Designed Outdoor Kitchen, via DCS Outdoor Appliances
    by Remodelista Team on 26 апреля, 2021

    We often look to chef’s kitchens for small, smart details, borrowed from professional cookspaces, that make cooking seamless: think easy-reach utensil storage, warming areas, and multi-basin sinks for easy cleanup. But we’ve yet to see the same principles applied to outdoor kitchens—until now. In warm weather, and especially now, we love the idea of not

  • Wisteria: How to Make It Flower
    by Michelle Slatalla on 26 апреля, 2021

    Why won’t a reluctant wisteria bloom? There are lots of possible reasons. Bad attitude, for one. This is a vine that wants its way in the garden. Show it who’s boss–and persuade it to flower–with proper care. And prune it hard. Despite its reputation as an invasive bully in the garden, wisteria can be finicky

  • Wow’d by Orange Tulips in the Smithsonian’s Ripley Garden
    by Susan Harris on 23 апреля, 2021

    This week I cycled around downtown Washington and stopped to see my favorite garden there - the Smithsonian's Ripley Garden, created and maintained by Janet Draper. (Janet's profiled and mentioned several times here on the  Rant.) There I was gobsmacked and inspired by Janet's use of orange tulips, which she wrote to tell me are [...] The post Wow’d by Orange Tulips in the Smithsonian’s […]

  • Trending on Remodelista: How to Add Personality with Paint
    by Gardenista Team on 23 апреля, 2021

    Remodelista editors spotlighted bold, bright designs this week—and now we’re inspired to head to the paint store and color in our homes. Plus: 10 Things Nobody Tells You About Painting Kitchen Cabinets Steal This Look: An Interior Designer’s High/Low Scandi Living Room, Ikea Sofa included 10 Easy Pieces: Black Pendant Lights Sculptural Minimalism: A Winery

  • Sustainable Edible Gardening: 10 Tips from the Brooklyn Grange
    by Ella Quittner on 23 апреля, 2021

    Winston Chiu, Anastasia Cole Plakias, and I all are passionate about eliminating waste. For Chiu and Cole Plakias, who host the annual Compost Dinner at the Brooklyn Grange, it’s because they have lofty dreams of saving the planet with sustainable gardening, thoughtful food purchases, and efficient kitchen techniques. For me, it’s because I would love to

  • Is Your Houseplant Eco-Friendly? New Sustainably Grown Plants from Bloomist
    by Fan Winston on 22 апреля, 2021

    We are big fans of Bloomist and their championing of artisan-made wares and environmentally-sensitive faux flowers. They recently wrote to share news of a new collection: live plants. “Live plants were always a part of the original vision when we conceived of Bloomist,” says co-founder Alex Bates. “But finding the right grower that aligned with

  • Fifty Cheers for Garden Rant!
    by Anne Wareham on 22 апреля, 2021

      A book is commissioned. (not mine)   I was recently talking with a friend who has just been commissioned to write a book about a specific genus of plants. He and/or his commissioning editor had had the idea that he might add a section at the end with comments from other people about – [...] The post Fifty Cheers for Garden Rant! appeared first on GardenRant.

  • Resilience!
    by Scott Beuerlein on 21 апреля, 2021

    But, in the end, I think the only message here is how much life wants to live, what a miracle it is, and how amazing it is to observe and to be a part of.  The post Resilience! appeared first on GardenRant.

  • Landscaping: 10 Rose Garden Design Ideas
    by Michelle Slatalla on 21 апреля, 2021

    There are more ways to use roses in a garden than there are roses—and as you know, there are many thousands of kinds of climbing, rambling, heirloom, floribunda, hybrid tea, and miniature roses. Are you designing a new rose garden, reviving a neglected collection, or just trying to decide which scented climber would be the

  • You gotta love a floricycle
    by Elizabeth Licata on 20 апреля, 2021

      Even the name makes me smile.  And now I am on a mission to document a floricycle at every stage of its development. In 2019, the final step in the restoration of Buffalo’s Darwin Martin campus—a Frank Lloyd Wright residential estate consisting of seven structures, including a Gardener’s Cottage—was completed with the installation of [...] The post You gotta love a floricycle appeared […]

  • Gardening 101: Cucumber
    by Kier Holmes on 20 апреля, 2021

    Cucumber, Cucumis sativus You can toss cucumbers in salads, enjoy them pickled, flavor water with them, and even slice and rest them on eyelids to reduce puffiness. Cucumbers are, indeed, a multitasking fruit. Wait, what…a fruit? That’s right, while in the culinary world they fall under the vegetable category, they’re botanically fruits as they grow

  • Step away from the sprinkler
    by GardenRant Guest on 19 апреля, 2021

    Guest post from Heather Olsen It was March 17. We had to leave the park earlier than the four-year-old wanted because the one-year-old needed a diaper change and a nap. Much whining ensued. I wouldn’t stop to buy an ice cream cone at the burger joint, the mile-long bike ride home was all uphill, and [...] The post Step away from the sprinkler appeared first on GardenRant.

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