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  • Back to the garden
    by Elizabeth Licata on 27 января, 2021

    Is there anyone else whose tolerance for frigid temps has risen significantly this winter? In the cold climate zones of the US, people are finding ways to get out of the house safely, either with the family unit or even with others. For me, that doesn’t mean indoor restaurant dining or shopping. It does mean The post Back to the garden appeared first on GardenRant.

  • Designer Visit: A Courtyard to Covet in a Modern Melbourne Garden
    by Michelle Slatalla on 27 января, 2021

    A small garden in Melbourne suburb Toorak was a blank canvas the first time designers Cameron and Stephanie Paterson of Grounded Gardens saw the site. During a recent remodel, the existing garden had been removed and the eco-conscious client had planned ahead by installing a graywater irrigation system to collect water from the washing machine and showers for

  • DIY: Propagating Succulents from Leaves
    by Michelle Slatalla on 26 января, 2021

    If they don’t get enough sun, succulents sulk. That’s why indoor succulents get leggy. The fix? Snip off a stem, strip the leaves from your houseplant, and root each leaf in soil. We spotted this clever DIY project for propagating succulents via Needles and Leaves: Photography courtesy of Needles and Leaves. Experimenting with succulents indoors? For

  • Landscape Design: 10 Tips for a Fire-Safe Garden
    by Barbara Peck on 25 января, 2021

    The wildfires that have ravaged parts of California are making us all more aware of this real or potential threat. You’re at higher risk if you live close to wildlands, or in an area with low rainfall where dry vegetation can spread flames in an instant. What can you do to keep your family, property,

  • Trending on Remodelista: A Fresh Start
    by Gardenista Team on 22 января, 2021

    This presidential inauguration week, we are thinking about new beginnings of all sorts, including in our homes. Below, some ideas from Remodelista to breathe new life into yours. Plus: 10 Easy Pieces: Gallery-Style Picture Frames Object of Desire: Handmade Cast Iron Candle Holders from Sweden Steal This Look: 10 Design Ideas from a Tiny, Michelin-Starred

  • “Dr. Biden’s Garden” and Inaugural Dress – Looks like she’s a Garden-Lover!
    by Susan Harris on 22 января, 2021

    Post-election, I wrote “First Lady Jill Biden and the White House Gardens,” listing everything my research unearthed about Dr. Biden as a gardener or garden-lover, and speculating on whether she would change the White House gardens and grounds in some way. Dr. Biden’s Garden Along with some commenters expressing shock and anger that on November The post “Dr. Biden’s Garden” and […]

  • Hardscaping 101: Standing Seam Metal Roofs
    by Janet Hall on 22 января, 2021

    When we surveyed members of the Remodelista + Gardenista Architect/Designer Directory for their favored roofing material, we were surprised by the answers. Did the recommendations vary? NO. Were we surprised? YES. Hands down, the “go to” roofing material was standing seam metal. What is Standing Seam Metal? Standing seam metal roofs are made of metal

  • Before & After: A Landscape Where ‘Horticultural Worlds Collide’ at Scribe Winery
    by Michelle Slatalla on 21 января, 2021

    In California, our architecture is young. We joined the Union in 1848 and since then have endured so many biblical calamities in the form of fires and earthquake that it’s a shock to find any building with a history that dates to 1850—much less a grand Spanish-style mansion with a pillared front porch and a

  • From Flora Grubb Gardens: 9 Secrets to Growing Succulent Plants Indoors
    by Erin Boyle on 20 января, 2021

    I’ve killed every succulent I’ve ever attempted to grow. Things start off well enough, but a few weeks after I bring one into my home, it starts to look spindly and sad before it gives up and dies. Despite hearing time and again about how foolproof succulents can be, I’ve never had luck. I have a hunch that

  • Real gardening trends for real gardeners
    by Elizabeth Licata on 19 января, 2021

    As much as I respect the work of industry groups that like to help both clients and consumers by putting together nicely packaged trend reports—which I read—it just seems like the real world of gardeners is messier, more diverse, and more interesting. (At least gardening trend reports aren’t as silly as Pantone’s yearly color announcements.) The post Real gardening trends for real […]

  • Gardening 101: Sansevieria
    by Annie Quigley on 19 января, 2021

    Sansevieria, S. trifasciata: “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue” Some disgruntled son- or daughter-in-law, now unknown to history, facetiously nicknamed this plant Mother-in-Law’s Tongue for the sharpness of its leaves. And this tall, flame-like plant has some dark connotations (beyond opinionated semi-relations who drop by uninvited and comment on your cleaning abilities): It’s also associated […]

  • Landscaping 101: How to Plant a Bare Root Hedge
    by Clare Coulson on 18 января, 2021

    The best time of year to plant a new hedge is when shrubs are dormant—and the most economical way to do it is with bare root plants. Because bare root shrubs are field grown and can be shipped with no soil or pots, the cost of using them is often significantly lower than using potted

  • Trending on Remodelista: Beauty and the Budget
    by Gardenista Team on 15 января, 2021

    All of us at Gardenista, Remodelista, and The Organized Home are proponents of buying high-quality, durable goods that will last a lifetime. These things tend to cost more, but every once in a while, we come across products for the home that are well-made and well-priced. Some examples from Remodelista this week. Ikea Kitchens Ikea

  • Living with Plants: A Family Apartment in Taiwan
    by Michelle Slatalla on 15 января, 2021

    For a young family in an apartment with no outdoor living space in the Taiwan port city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan-based HAO Design designed an indoor garden and playground. Thanks to a few artfully placed house plants and the judicious use of green paint and accessories, the apartment feels as open and airy as the great outdoors: Photography courtesy

  • Garden resolutions: The triumph of hope over experience.
    by Marianne Willburn on 14 января, 2021

    The symbolic promise of a new year is not enough for me this time around.  Normally happy to raise my glass and cheerfully throw out The Old as the clock ticks towards midnight, this year I am not so simple-minded as to think that the Fates look at December 31, 2020 and January 01, 2021 The post Garden resolutions: The triumph of hope over experience. appeared first on GardenRant.

  • Houseplants: How to Decode the Info on Plant ID Tags
    by Barbara Peck on 14 января, 2021

    You know those little plastic ID tags that come tucked into the pots or flats of plants you buy at a shop or nursery? The tags you usually toss as soon as you get home? Join the club: few gardeners pay those tags any mind; they already know there’s not much information to be gleaned

  • The Crossroads of Horticulture
    by Allen Bush on 13 января, 2021

      Proto-punk rocker Iggy Pop and gardening aren’t usually conjoined, but Pop’s song The Passenger could be a portrait of gardener Joanne Kim. “I have The Passenger on my playlist twice,” she said. Joanne has traveled far and absorbs subcultures everywhere she goes. Her passion for plants blossomed from a love of music and travel. The post The Crossroads of Horticulture appeared first on […]

  • 10 Easy Pieces: Fireside Cooking Tools
    by Alexa Hotz on 13 января, 2021

    There’s a whole world of forged iron and steel tools, and they aren’t just for roasting chestnuts, but also for cooking breads, popcorn, meat, eggs, marshmallows, and even waffles or Italian sandwiches over an open fire. Here are our 10 favorites to put your fireplace to work this winter. For more fireplace tools and fireside

  • Newbie terrarium advice: Leave it to the experts
    by Elizabeth Licata on 12 января, 2021

    Happy new year! I’m celebrating by embracing a new terrarium. I’m somewhat confident because I have one already that I’ve kept going for more than a dozen years. I say somewhat because I personally did not plant either of the large terrariums now in the house, one a Victorian cloche on a pedestal (shown below) The post Newbie terrarium advice: Leave it to the experts appeared first on […]

  • 5 Beautiful Ways to Make Fresh Herbs Last Longer
    by Stacey Lindsay on 12 января, 2021

    Hiding a limp bundle of fresh rosemary or thyme in the back of the crisper drawer? I call this pure sacrilege. Herbs should be celebrated both for their culinary usefulness and for their beauty. With aesthetics and ease in mind, our friends at The Chalkboard  consulted Portland, Oregon-based florist Riley Messina. It’s no surprise that Riley,

  • Dune Story: A Postmodern Masterpiece Saved from the Sea on Long Island
    by Michelle Slatalla on 11 января, 2021

    Modernist architect Norman Jaffe transformed the landscape of eastern Long Island, introducing sharp-angled, boxy versions of the classic saltbox house to a land of rolling potato fields and dunes. Sought after for his ability to impose a new vernacular on the classic shingled house, Jaffe at the height of his popularity would famously agree to

  • Trending on Remodelista: Storage Inspiration for Every Room
    by Gardenista Team on 8 января, 2021

    Is it really January without a good decluttering and organizing project in the works? If you have yet to start, here’s some storage inspiration from Remodelista this week: For the Office For the Kitchen For the Living Room In the Utility Closet Plus: Object of Desire: The Up Down Sconce from a Brooklyn Design Studio

  • Abuse of Osmanthus Shrubs by Power Tools
    by Susan Harris on 8 января, 2021

    Take a look at the two ‘Goshiki’ Osmanthus (a/k/a False Holly) on either side of my front door, where they get just a couple hours of late afternoon sun. They’re slow-growing, so they need almost no pruning, ever, and they’re evergreen! And not plain dark green like most evergreen shrubs and trees but a variegated The post Abuse of Osmanthus Shrubs by Power Tools appeared first on […]

  • Downsizing a House to Expand the Garden: At Home with Landscape Architect William Dangar
    by Meredith Swinehart on 8 января, 2021

    Though he’s a landscape architect known for designing gardens to complement large houses, Australia-based William Dangar often gets to work with only a little land. Time and again, he says, “the structure takes up all the space and the landscaping becomes mere icing around the edges.” When Dangar and his family built their own home near Sydney’s Bondi

  • Gardening 101: Grevilleas
    by Kier Holmes on 7 января, 2021

    Spider Flower, Grevillea: “Curly Ribbon” I’m a flower girl. And the more exotic, twisted and remarkable the flowers, the more I am enthralled. So when I was introduced to the shrub Grevillea and saw flowers that looked like someone took a scissors’ edge to ribbon and curled it crazy, I was sold. Then, upon learning

  • Temporal disobedience
    by GardenRant Guest on 6 января, 2021

    Hate turning your clock back? You’re not alone. Here’s guest Ranter James Roush’s opinion of it: That’s it. Professor Roush has had it! I’m done with the stupid seasonal time change and done with all of the turmoil it induces in our biological systems, including  increased automobile accidents, increased heart attacks, and increased suicides. It The post Temporal disobedience appeared […]

  • 10 Easy Pieces: Wooden Garden Shed Kits
    by Michelle Slatalla on 6 января, 2021

    Imagine how useful it would be to have a big, deep coat closet in your garden. For inspiration, consider Julie’s made-from-a-kit shed in Mill Valley, California (shown in the photo above). As you can see, she has kitted it out with shelves,  hooks, and plenty of wall space for pegs. Like a coat closet, a wooden garden

  • Indoor-Outdoor Shelving: The Iconic String System Now in Galvanized Steel
    by Margot Guralnick on 5 января, 2021

    Seeing String shelving in galvanized steel is a bit like discovering that two dear friends of ours have fallen in love. First created in 1949 by Swedish architects Nils and Kajsa Strinning, the modular system was the winning prize in a publishing company’s design contest for an affordable, flat-pack bookshelf. The concept, two ladder-like metal

  • The Accidental Jungle: Shabd Simon-Alexander’s Houseplants in a New York Apartment
    by Meredith Swinehart on 4 января, 2021

    Shabd Simon-Alexander didn’t set out to create a jungle. A New York City resident for her entire adult life, the textile designer had tried and failed for years to keep houseplants alive in dark city apartments. But when she moved into a spacious, light-filled loft in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, she toted along a few long-suffering plants—and they

  • Last of the Great Reference Plant Manuals?
    by Scott Beuerlein on 3 января, 2021

    Allan Armitage has been at the center of perennials for over fifty years. He is tireless, passionate, knowledgeable, affable, well-liked, been everywhere, knows everyone, and, between his academic career, speaking schedule, and writing, no one else is anywhere as uniquely positioned to be the black hole of the perennial universe. The post Last of the Great Reference Plant Manuals? appeared first […]

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