22 июня, 2021

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  • Gardening 101: Rock Purslane
    by Kier Holmes on 22 июня, 2021

    Rock Purslane, Cistanthe grandiflora My neighbor around the corner has a plant in his front yard that everyone asks him about because of its charming cup-shaped bright fuchsia flowers, its extremely long bloom time, and its low-water succulent vibe. Unfortunately my neighbor can never remember the name, but he can always remember to ask me,

  • Before & After: A Seaside English Garden by Farlam & Chandler
    by Michelle Slatalla on 21 июня, 2021

    A garden in crisis greeted designers Harriet Farlam and Ben Chandler of Farlam & Chandler in 2016. Dingy concrete paving slabs and a completely overgrown garden set a sad tone in the long, narrow space in the heart of the English harbor town of Whitstable, Kent. “Unnecessary low brick walls enclosed borders planted with two tall bay

  • Trending on Remodelista: Green with Envy
    by Gardenista Team on 18 июня, 2021

    We were drawn to the many moments of verdant color on Remodelista this week. Here’s a peek: Plus: Father’s Day 2021: 9 Gift Suggestions from a Cool Dad Cult Vinegar, a Labor of Love in the UK No. 1 Bruton: A Hotel in a 500-Year-Old Property in Somerset 10 Easy Pieces: Classic Floor Reading Lamps

  • If your rose changed color over the winter, blame it on Dr. Huey.
    by Mike Nowak on 18 июня, 2021

    Rosa 'Dr. Huey.'  Guest rant by Mike Nowak. Mike recently interviewed Ranters Susan Harris and Marianne Willburn for his radio show and it’s now available  here on YouTube or here as a podcast. WARNING Number One! Reading this essay will lead to feverish dreams, night sweats, itchy palms, itchy shorts, inability to concentrate, inability to [...] The post If your rose changed color over […]

  • DIY: Razor Clam Pendant Light
    by Justine Hand on 18 июня, 2021

    One sure sign of summer in my family: Aunt Sheila coming in from the flats carrying a bag full of razor-clam shells. These she employs to add texture throughout her house, most famously on a living-room shelf (as seen in Remodelista: A Manual for the Considered Home). I suppose it was inevitable, then, that the rest

  • Gardening 101: Bellflowers
    by Kier Holmes on 17 июня, 2021

    Bellflower, Campanula: “Starry Bells” Ranging from low and spreading to upright and tall, bellflowers are at home in most garden settings, from the front of the rock garden to the back of the perennials bed. Please keep reading to learn more: Bellflower is a group of more than 300 plants— including annual, biennial, and perennial varieties—that

  • Brood X Cicada Observations, Unenlightened and Free of the Usual Facts
    by Scott Beuerlein on 16 июня, 2021

    This won't be one of those cutesy, fawning posts that all the shiny, happy cool kids seem to be writing on Facebook and in blogs all over the Western world. And don’t expect any facts either--just observations. My observations, and, yes, I fully admit that I'm nothing more than a very tired and intellectually lazy horticulturist who is living under a dome of cicadas for the fourth time. The […]

  • Gardening 101: How to Deadhead Flowers
    by Michelle Slatalla on 16 июня, 2021

    Every summer there’s a peak season, when all the flowers in my garden decide to bloom in concert. This grand collusion lasts for…a day? Maybe two. The rest of the year I spend coaxing everybody into re-blooming. The best encouragement: deadheading. Grab a pair of clippers and let’s get started. First, a definition: To deadhead means

  • Know Your Dirt: The Right Type of Soil to Buy for Your Garden
    by Kier Holmes on 15 июня, 2021

    Too bad soil isn’t dazzling like dahlias or sweetly fragrant like freesias, because gardeners then would be gushing over this dirty stuff instead of overlooking its importance. A successful garden starts with healthy soil. Good news is that you can easily buy quality soil at your local nursery or home improvement store; bad news is

  • Philly flower show sees the light of day (UPDATE)
    by Elizabeth Licata on 14 июня, 2021

    It’s better to be outside. That is surely one of the central takeaways from the past year. Rather than simply cancel its annual late winter event, which has been held for 193 years, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society decided to hold its 2021 flower show later, outdoors, at Olmsted-designed FDR Park in South Philly. The show [...] The post Philly flower show sees the light of day (UPDATE) […]

  • Scandinavia’s Martha Stewart: A Garden Visit with Claus Dalby in Denmark
    by Kendra Wilson on 14 июня, 2021

    It’s fortunate for us that Danish gardener Claus Dalby is a regular on Instagram, since he can no longer claim to be Scandinavia’s best kept secret. In Claus, the discernment and drive of Martha Stewart is seasoned with the jollity of Alan Titchmarsh, and yet so much more. Not content with being watched by 20 million viewers and seeing

  • Trending on Remodelista: Almost Summer
    by Gardenista Team on 11 июня, 2021

    Parts of the country enjoyed (or suffered through, depending on your tolerance for heat) abnormally hot weather this week, a reminder that summer’s waiting in the wings. Remodelista, too, reminded us of the coming season with a lovely dose of summery designs. Plus: Kitchen of the Week: A Locavore Chef and Landscape Architect’s Low-Impact Kitchen

  • Will my Japanese Maple Survive the Cicadas?
    by Susan Harris on 11 июня, 2021

    And will my fennel survive the caterpillars?  Brood X cicada on a banana tree leaf in my front yard. We're seeing torrents of news here in Maryland about Brood X cicadas, now droning on at volumes as high as 100 decibels (like a lawnmower starting), covering our sidewalks, landing on our very persons [...] The post Will my Japanese Maple Survive the Cicadas? appeared first on GardenRant.

  • Mosquito Repellent: 5 Flowers and Herbs to Keep Pests Away
    by Michelle Slatalla on 11 июня, 2021

    Mosquito repellent plants are garden heroes: colorful flowers and herbs with natural fragrances that chase away buzzing insects even as their perfumes soothe humans. The first step in your plan to thwart mosquitoes? Grow plants such as lavender, basil, mint, scented geraniums, and marigolds. But unless you’re planning to plop your chair down in the

  • Gardening 101: Opium Poppy
    by Kendra Wilson on 10 июня, 2021

    Opium Poppy, Papaver somniferum The notoriety of Papaver somniferum, the “sleep-inducing poppy,” is only partly to do with its outlaw family. Opium poppies are grown for their edible seeds and for pharmaceutical uses. The type that you see in gardens—whether your own or in the medicinal section of a botanic garden—is the legal relation, not toxic enough

  • Seed Sowing Success: Nature and The Odds
    by Bob Hill on 9 июня, 2021

    With plant seeds now being around for roughly 365 million years – beginning about the time life first crawled out of the ocean to give dry land a try—my steady reluctance to cast native wildflower seeds on the ground to create a lovely patch of color in our yard did seem a little silly. I’d [...] The post Seed Sowing Success: Nature and The Odds appeared first on GardenRant.

  • Wild Is Best: A Low-Water, High-Spirit Garden in a Small Footprint for an Architect
    by Annie Quigley on 9 июня, 2021

    File this under Seemingly Antithetical but True: The tinier the outdoor space, the more verdant it should be. “We find that minimalist garden strategies work well on large, vast spaces, while smaller gardens are more conducive to wild, exuberant approaches,” says David Godshall of LA- and San Francisco-based landscape architecture firm Terremoto. “Therefore, in this

  • Call me mellow yellow
    by Elizabeth Licata on 8 июня, 2021

    I’m not exactly mad about saffron, but I do love the seasonal yellows I am seeing throughout the garden. As it happens, a yellow shade, Illuminating, is one of the 2021 Pantone colors. (The other pick is a nice gray.) Usually, I couldn’t care less about the shades Pantone anoints yearly, and get annoyed when [...] The post Call me mellow yellow appeared first on GardenRant.

  • 11 Landscaping Ideas to Add a Touch of Red
    by Michelle Slatalla on 8 июня, 2021

    Think of red as lipstick for your garden. Even if you’re one of those gardeners who thinks a little red goes a long way, you still need a little. We’ve made a study of scarlet and come up with our favorite 11 ways to add red to a garden: A Pop of Poppies Less Is

  • Hardscaping 101: Woven Fences
    by Clare Coulson on 7 июня, 2021

    Woven fences have been constructed for thousands of years, from the Neolithic age, as a way to mark out land and enclose crops and livestock, but recently this extremely versatile, naturalistic form of fencing has been particularly popular with gardens designers too, thanks to its low-impact aesthetic and ability to fit into almost any space.

  • Trending on Remodelista: Classic Designs, Updated
    by Gardenista Team on 4 июня, 2021

    Classics are enduring for a reason. But sometimes a little tweak is all it takes to see them in new light. Here are some fresh updates to classic designs we spotted on Remodelista this week: The Garden Cottage, Refreshed The Mountain Cabin, Reimagined The English Kitchen in New York Plus: Mathilde: Minimalist Linen Quilts, Made

  • Clematis, you’d better be worth all this fussing over.
    by Susan Harris on 4 июня, 2021

    I'm all about the vines since I've started training them to give me screening and privacy (see before and after in this video). But I hadn't included clematis in the project because I'd never had success with them - unless you count the out-of-control Sweet Autumn Clematis that's a noxious weed in these parts. But [...] The post Clematis, you’d better be worth all this fussing over. appeared […]

  • Hardscaping 101: Dry Stone Walls
    by Clare Coulson on 4 июня, 2021

    Dry stone walls have been created for thousands of years and, if done well, will look as if they have been in place for at least that long. Yet anyone can learn how to lay a dry stone wall, insists Richard Ingles, a master craftsman who has built these structures in the UK for more

  • Tough Plants for Tough Places
    by Marianne Willburn on 3 июня, 2021

    Three warrior species are battling for dominance on the hillside outside my kitchen window. It is a cliched phrase in the garden writer’s book of spells, but it is nonetheless apt. Tiny, passive – but aggressive – moves are made every minute under the soil while I wash dishes or sip my coffee or water [...] The post Tough Plants for Tough Places appeared first on GardenRant.

  • Required Reading: Ruth Bancroft’s Bold Dry Garden
    by Michelle Slatalla on 3 июня, 2021

    At age 107, Ruth Bancroft of Walnut Creek, California was spending “her days reading, listening to classical music and opera, and catching up on British dramas,” writes Johanna Silver. Among Mrs. Bancroft’s other lifelong hobbies: weeding, collecting seashells, and creating a spectacular garden on land that once had been a walnut and pear orchard purchased

  • Fluffing Up for a Garden Tour
    by Allen Bush on 2 июня, 2021

    Our fluffed-up Louisville Garden was scheduled to be on the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days tour this Saturday. The Kentucky portion, with five gardens, got cancelled a week ago by mutual consent. What a pity. Poor communication, lack of publicity and e-ticketing upgrades, were the apparent culprits. 162 gardens, across the country, were still on board [...] The post Fluffing Up for a Garden […]

  • Steal This Look: A Big Green Egg, at Home in an English Garden
    by Michelle Slatalla on 2 июня, 2021

    For an object lesson on how to create a charming first garden on a tight budget, we take you to a small backyard in London’s Crofton Park neighborhood. There food writer Mina Holland and musician Freddie Denham-Webb have created an oasis in the city—complete with an American-style Big Green Egg grill. What prompted the American

  • Приглашаем на мастер-класс: «Практика современного ландшафта». 24–25 июня 2021 г
    by editor on 1 июня, 2021

    Спикеры: Юлия ТАДЕУШ – выпускница Минского художественного колледжа им. Глебова, практикующий ландшафтный дизайнер с 1992 года, создательница самого известного в Беларуси розового сада. "Люблю всё живое, особенно розы. […]

  • Welcoming the uninvited
    by Jack Kramer on 1 июня, 2021

    Someone defined a weed as any plant that's growing in the wrong spot. I think most would agree it's also any plant that is generally hated. Yet there are some who sing the praises of such as the lowly dandelion, an introduced plant originally intended as a consumable and a boon to the first bees [...] The post Welcoming the uninvited appeared first on GardenRant.

  • 5 Favorites: Garden-Friendly Thistles
    by Justine Hand on 1 июня, 2021

    Legend has it that the thorny thistle once saved Scotland from a marauding Norse army, a feat that earned this tenacious plant its status as a Scottish national symbol. But these days it’s staging an invasion of its own, causing people all over the British Isles, and elsewhere, to declare war on this invasive weed.

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